DATA FROG TV Video Game Console With 2.4G Double Wireless Controller and Built in 3000/10000 Games! Support For PS1/GBA Game Consoles!

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Brand Name: DATA FROG
Plug Type: US Plug
Package: Yes
Model Number: ZXX2020720Y2MAX
Model: Video Game
Feature: HD Game Consoles
Color: Black
Games: Built-in 3000+ Games
CPU: Dual-core cortex-A7
Function 1: Built-in 32GTF card
Function 2: Support 4K TV
Function 3: Support HDMI TV output
Function 4: Save Game Progress
Function 5: Video Game Console
Function 6: game console
Function 7: retro game console
function 8: Support network download games
function 9: Multiple combinations
support 1: four-players mode
support 2: game console For FC/GBA/PS1/MD
support 3: game console 4k
support 4: can play games downloaded by yourself
Accessories: 2.4G Wireless Gamepad Controller